VIRUS- (destroy - prevent - protect)

Destroy - Prevent  - Protect

We are happy to preform any one of these procedures to eliminate and sterilse your area.  We would like to suggest to use at least at least 2 of the methods below

1hour at least once a week

the outer shell of the virus is reasonably fragile and can be cracked open by chemical agents that we use when spraying onto frequently touched areas.our preferred treatment is a three stage cleansing.  where we will utilise the correct procedures to satisfactory remove and cleanse the surrounding area.we would encourage a well maintained viral protection program for any high risk areas/ organisation/ individuals.   One hour a day / week would be ideal

We are provide an disinfection & sanitising service.  These are an added protection plan to help reduce the risk of Viral Infection.

Safety of our clients / employee / family is our goal.  We implement a  3stage action plan that will rid the area of 99.99% of known pathogens / viruses / bateria, as well as fungi n spores.  DEFEND, PROTECT & PREVENT.